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How do I apply for jobs?
How do I apply for jobs?

Learn how to apply for jobs and be successful!

Written by Katie Dawson
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Top Tips!

Before you apply

  1. First, make sure you have a great CV (click here to see our guide to creating an amazing CV)

  2. Set up job alerts:

When applying

  1. Make sure your CV is tailored to the job description and role

    1. Create multiple CVs with small tweaks such as the job role, skills listed and experience depending on the role you are applying for

  2. Write a draft of your application form out in Microsoft Word or Google Docs

  3. Have a friend, family member or support worker check your application and/or CV before summiting for any role

After you have applied

  1. Follow up with a polite email if the feedback date has passed

  2. If you’re unsuccessful, politely contact the employer asking for feedback

  3. Check your junk email folder for replies that might be in there by mistake

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