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How do I find jobs online?
How do I find jobs online?

Read our helpful tips on how to search for jobs online!

Written by Katie Dawson
Updated over a week ago

This worksheet will outline how to effectively look for jobs online and how to apply for the jobs that you find. We will focus on how to search for jobs using Job Websites.

Step 1: Google

Open and search: [YOUR JOB TITLE] jobs London

For example, if you would like to be an Accounts Assistant, you would search for ‘Accounts Assistant’ jobs London

​💡 TOP TIP:Are there any other Key Words you could use to search for relevant vacancies? As you can see above, ‘Accounts Assistant’ can also be referred to as an ‘Accounts Payable Assistant’. It can also be valuable to include specific qualifications you have gained in your initial search. For example, ‘Accounts Assistant Level 2 AAT jobs London’

Step 2: Choose a job website

  • Scroll down the Google search results until you see links to job websites. The most common job websites are called ​Indeed, Reed, Total Jobs and CV Library

  • These job websites, also referred to as job boards, are where the majority of companies will post their vacancies. This demonstration will use Indeed as an example, but it’s important to get familiar with as many job websites as possible.

Step 3: Filtering your search

  • Once you have clicked on a job website, you need to FILTER your search to match your specific job requirements (pay, commute length, full-time/part-time) and to show you the RECENTLY POSTED jobs first.

  • Everyone will have different requirements from a job and you will have agreed on your specific job criteria with your support specialist when you completed your personal budgeting session. Remind yourself of what you pledged to look for in a job and ensure that your search matches this agreement!

​💡TOP TIP:Always set these filters to the most extreme values, so that you can apply to all relevant vacancies. For example, if you agreed to earn a minimum salary of £20,000 you need to set this as the lowest salary band.

This is the initial result that your Google search will create on Indeed:

And this is what it will look like after it is filtered:

Step 4: Choose a job to apply for

  • Scroll through the results until you find a job you would like to apply to.

  • Even with the filters, you will need to check which jobs are suitable for you based on your requirements. If you’re not sure exactly what a job title means, don’t be afraid to click on the job and read through the job description.

​💡TOP TIP: Employers will often write a ‘wish list’ of skills and experience which they want their ideal candidate to have, however they know that asking for everything is unrealistic and they fully expect candidates to apply for jobs even when they don’t have every single skill asked for. Therefore, don’t be put off from applying if you’re missing one or two things in the job description - you might still be the perfect candidate!

Step 5: Apply for a job!

  • Once you have read through the criteria of job description and decided that you would like to apply for that position, you will need to complete an online application.

  • You may be asked to apply via the job board, or directly on the company website, as indicated by the ‘Apply’ button (see below for images of both options).

💡TOP TIP: When you upload your CV to a job application, make sure it is in PDF format. This makes it easy for the recruiter or hiring manager to open it and consider your application more easily.

  • Once you have clicked on the ‘Apply’ button, follow the instructions to complete the application. Most applications will require your ​full name, email address, mobile number and your CV.

💡TOP TIP: Always tick the ‘Notify me when similar jobs are available’ box to ensure you never miss out on other job opportunities which could be a great fit! When a similar job is posted on the job board, you will be emailedthe details so that you can apply.

Step 6: Sign up to alerts on other platforms

  • You can sign-up to email notifications, so that when a job is posted that is suitable for you, it gets emailed to you.

  1. Go to and type in the search bar: ​[YOUR JOB TITLE] jobs London

  2. Scroll down and you’ll see a box with a list of jobs in Click ‘​100+ more jobs’​

  3. In the bottom-left hand corner, there’ll be a box that says ‘‘Turn on email alerts

  4. Drag across, to the right and click ‘Understood’.

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