All online donations taken on the Beam website are remitted directly into the bank account of Beam's partner registered charity, The Beam Foundation. All offline donations are also remitted to this charity's bank account. 

Beam collects Gift Aid information for those who wish to provide it when they donate. Once The Beam Foundation is registered with HMRC (an administrative procedure that must be completed before any Gift Aid can be claimed), it will begin to claim back Gift Aid from HMRC. 

Any Gift Aid paid out by HMRC will then be applied as "split donations" - supporting all the live campaigns equally. So, while we expect Gift Aid to be available on all donations with valid Gift Aid declarations, we have yet to start the process of claiming Gift Aid.

Gift Aid may give rise to personal tax relief. Please note that personal tax is a complex area and Beam is not able to give financial or tax advice. You may wish to consult independent third party advice to determine how best to treat donations to The Beam Foundation in the light of your individual circumstances

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch on [email protected]

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