No. Beam is a social enterprise, registered as Beam Up Ltd. We believe that setting up as a social enterprise is the best model for us to ensure Beam's long-term sustainability. 

However, all donations are remitted directly to a registered charity, The Beam Foundation (link to Charity Commission website). This charity exists to help homeless people and other disadvantaged groups. 

Beam provides services to The Beam Foundation for a small service fee of 5% of donations. This is a tiny contribution to Beam's running costs, with the vast majority of costs met by foundations and philanthropists. 

A further 5% of donations is retained by The Beam Foundation. This 5% funds payment processing costs and is used to build a small surplus in the charity to pay for accounting services and other key expenditure. 

Therefore, thanks to the generous support of others, a full 90% of donations are directly spent on "campaign costs". We believe this makes Beam one of the most efficient ways to support people experiencing homelessness in the world.

You can find campaign costs transparently listed on each person's "Budget breakdown". Campaign costs include training and any other financial barriers to progressing into skilled work, like transport and childcare. Where we can, we even link to the exact course or item or course being bought.

Beam is also partnered with most of the UK's leading homelessness charities, including Shelter, Centrepoint and St Mungo's who refer people for the service. You can find out more about referrals on our Transparency Dashboard.  

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