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👷🏿‍♀️ Construction worker
👷🏿‍♀️ Construction worker
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Job overview

Construction workers are involved in a range of practical tasks that help skilled construction workers; for example digging, mixing and laying concrete, operating machinery, and moving and unloading materials.

Experience: Not necessary for entry level jobs, but possible to complete qualifications & training to become a qualified tradesperson.

Work hours: Typically 1-44 hours per week. Short term contracts are common.

Salary: £18,000-£38,000

We've helped many Beam members start work in construction, see their stories here.

Day to day

  • Helping skilled tradespeople with every aspect of the construction process

  • Mixing and pouring concrete

  • Digging trenches

  • Operating hand machinery such as drills, or larger machinery such as dumper truckers

  • Working outside in all weathers conditions

Pros and cons of a construction role


✅ High earning potential

✅ As a general construction operative, you could complete qualifications and training to become a qualified tradesperson, such as a bricklayer, carpenter, plant operator or more.


❌ Very physically demanding work and requires good fitness levels

❌ Outdoor weather conditions may be uncomfortable

❌ Working on construction sites and operating machinery can be hazardous

❌ Short term contracts are common

Where to look for a role

There are many employers currently hiring and use search terms such as "construction worker" or "construction operative" on jobs boards.

Some companies to get you started:

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