Referring someone to Beam takes just 2 minutes! Once you’re a registered partner, you’ll need to fill out a referral form if you want to put a homeless person forward for Beam’s services.

Once the form is completed, we’ll assign them a Support Specialist who will make contact with them and keep you in the loop with progress.

In order to refer someone, they must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Evidence of legal right to work in the UK

  2. Currently homeless, recently homeless (within the last 12 months), or at risk of homelessness

  3. For those with a history of drug and alcohol abuse, at least 12 weeks of abstinence from alcohol and illicit substances

  4. In your professional opinion, committed to training and work

  5. In your professional opinion, not suffering from mental or physical health conditions or gamble to an extent that materially impairs their ability to train and work

  6. Not currently in prison and no historic convictions for high level sexual or violent offences

  7. Not looking for funding to start their own business and a realistic employment goal which funded training will support their access to

  8. Does not have any savings or capital worth more than £11,000

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