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What's life like as an Operations Executive?
What's life like as an Operations Executive?

Understanding what it's like to do our front-line work as a Beam caseworker

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The role of an Operations Executive at Beam combines the excitement of working in a high-growth tech startup with the fulfilment of creating life-changing social impact.

As an Operations Executive, you’ll work with homeless people and refugees to understand the risks in their lives and to support them to reach their goals.

You’ll be:

  • Motivating and meeting one to one with people

  • Designing plans to help people reach their goals

  • Working with our awesome in-house tech tools

  • Making a measurable difference by hitting social impact goals

  • Supporting people practically and emotionally to get great jobs and homes

You can watch some videos of our Operations Executives in action on our company Instagram account at @wearebeam

You can also read interviews with current Beamers on the Beam blog.

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