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What’s it like to work at Beam?
What’s it like to work at Beam?

Get a feel for our company culture

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Our company culture defines everything we do. It isn't purely reflected in after work activities or one-off initiatives - it's deeply embedded in our everyday workflows. 

Our mission is laid out in our five core values:

1) We're optimists

We believe we can solve the hardest social problems. We see the potential in everyone. We bring positive energy.

2) We make it happen

We bring bright ideas. But changing the world takes more than just bright ideas. We value action, grit and hustle.

3) We're open and transparent

We're open and honest with each other. We are transparent when it comes to our data, metrics, successes and failures.

4) We prioritise safety

Our priority is keeping people safe - even when that slows us down. We are considered and risk-aware.

5) We support each other

We support each other and care for everyone’s wellbeing. We support people to achieve their goals.

In the words of a Beam employee: 

“I think Beam has the best work culture because every single member of our small team genuinely looks forward to coming into the office every day. We all truly believe in our organisation's mission - empowering homeless men and women and supporting them into full-time employment.”

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