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I've used Beam. Can I now work with you?
I've used Beam. Can I now work with you?

Job opportunities with Beam

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Absolutely! We’re always looking for people who have benefited from Beam to help us spread the word! Because of this, we’ve created a paid Community Champion role, which is open to Beam service users who have launched a campaign on our website.

Example tasks include:

  • Promoting Beam with enthusiasm and positive energy to people who can use the service! This could involve talking with residents at a homeless hostel, running a drop-in session at a jobs fair, or visiting a local charity. 

  • Sharing your Beam experience with the organisations who support us. Working alongside other team members, this could mean presenting to a local council or meeting a company that wants to hire our members. 

  • Participating in feedback and ideas sessions with our team, to help Beam continually improve the service we offer.

  • Helping us deliver group sessions to Beam members. These might focus on helping people to write their campaigns or to practice their interview skills.

  • Acting as an extra point of support for new members of the Beam community and helping them with any questions or concerns. 

If you’d like to apply for the role, please speak to your Support Specialist.

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