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How Can Beam Help Me?
What’s the process like for getting support from Beam?
What’s the process like for getting support from Beam?

We try to make the process for joining Beam simple, so we can support you into work and housing as quickly and safely as possible.

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There are 5 core stages to joining Beam:

1. Referral: First, you need to be referred to Beam by one of our partners, typically a registered homelessness charity or local authority.

If you do not have a housing officer or support worker, email us on [email protected] and we'll explore how we can help you!

2. Introduction to Beam: We invite you to an online or in-person session and tell you more about Beam. After this, if you'd like to use Beam's service, we'll match you with a Beam caseworker and book your first one-to-one Beam meeting.

3. Past & Present: In this meeting, we want to understand how we can be as supportive as possible to help you reach your goals. You and your Beam caseworker will talk through your housing, plus any other support needs, such as health and wellbeing.

4. The Future: In this meeting, we discuss your career goals and aspirations. Don’t worry if you’re not sure what career path you want to go down - we run career discovery sessions, to give you an idea of which pathways might suit your skillset.

Together, we will identify how much money you’ll need to raise in order to start a new job, and/or move into a new home.

5. Welcome to Beam: It’s time to launch your campaign on Beam (if you need one)!

We will help you to write your story and share your ambitions for the future. Your story will appear on your campaign profile with the exact amount you need to raise. We will put your campaign live, and you can watch the donations roll in!

Trustworthiness and honesty are essential to Beam. Before publishing your story on our website, we ensure that key factual details are correct. In practice, this involves contacting the relevant sources and recording the evidence in your file.

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