There are 5 core stages to joining Beam:

1. Referral: First, you need to be referred to Beam by one of our partners, typically a registered homelessness charity or London borough. 

You can contact one of the many charities we partner with including St Mungo's, Thames Reach, The House of St Barnabas, Kairos and YMCA.

If you are working with a charity not listed above, you should ask your keyworker to email us on [email protected]

If you do not have a keyworker, you can still email us on [email protected]  

2. Phone assessment: Once you’ve been referred to us, we will set up a 10-15 minute phone call between you and a Beam Support Specialist, a full-time employee of Beam. 

During the call, we will conduct some basic checks to ensure you are eligible to join Beam. For example, we will ask you for background information on your current living situation and confirm you have your right to work in the UK etc.

3. First meeting assessment: Following the phone assessment, you will meet in person with your dedicated Beam Support Specialist. During this meeting, they will make the relevant safety and wellbeing checks, to ensure you’re ready to start work.

This is also the opportunity to discuss your career goals and aspirations with them. Don’t worry if you’re not sure what career path you want to go down - we also run career discovery sessions, to give you an idea of which pathways might suit your skillset.

4. Personal budgeting meeting: Based on the career you’ve chosen, we will identify how much money you’ll need to raise in order to train and move into that field. We also take into account associated costs, such as travel and childcare and tools, and can crowdfund these costs too.

5. Campaign creation: Once we’ve identified how much money you need to raise, it’s time to launch your campaign on Beam!

As part of this session, we will help you to write your story - about how you came to become homeless, but more importantly your ambitions for the future, and why you’re looking forward to your new career.Your story will appear on your campaign profile with the exact amount you need to raise. We will put your campaign live, and you can watch the donations roll in!

Trustworthiness and honesty are essential to Beam. Before publishing your story on our website, we ensure that key factual details are correct. In practice, this involves contacting the relevant sources and recording the evidence in your file.

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