We know that childcare arrangements can often be affected in unexpected ways. For instance, changes in family circumstances or adjustments to someone's training and work schedules. This can make it challenging to predict the exact amount that a Beam parent will need whilst they are training and job searching. 

Therefore for every parent on Beam, their Support Specialist estimates if they require low, medium or high support with childcare costs. They do this by looking at the number and age of their children plus the length of their training. A set amount is then added to their campaign budget as listed below:

Low: £685
Medium: £1,200
High: £2,000 

These numbers are calculated based on how much childcare Beam paid during our first two years. We’ll continue to collect data on our childcare spend and adjust these numbers accordingly. 

All money raised for childcare goes into a shared pot. Beam can then pay for nursery or childminder costs, as and when it's required. This way we’re able to flexibly support Beam parents on their journey back to work! 

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