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What housing support does Beam offer?
What housing support does Beam offer?
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People who join Beam often live in temporary accommodation, hostels or are sofa-surfing. Finding a stable home is an important step towards them achieving independence and improving their overall wellbeing.

Beam Homes is a service supporting homeless people and refugees into the private rented sector. We always check that the properties are affordable and within the person's budget, both before and after they enter work. This is to ensure that they can sustain their tenancy both while on benefits and after they enter work.

Our specialist team of housing caseworkers provide 1-1 support with searching for properties online, communicating with landlords, booking house viewings and completing all the paperwork. We also work with a network of vetted landlords who ring-fence properties for Beam beneficiaries.

Once a suitable property has been found, we launch a campaign for that person and fundraise the cost of items they need, including:

  • Rental deposit

  • First month's rent

  • Moving costs e.g. van hire

  • Furniture vouchers

The specific amount is based on the size of the accommodation the person is entitled to and not more than the maximum London local housing allowance decided by the government.

A person's accommodation entitlement is dependent on his/her support needs, age and family size. Many of the people who join Beam are entitled to at least a 1-bed flat due to their circumstances.

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