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How does Beam measure social impact?
How does Beam measure social impact?

How we use data to measure impact

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Beam uses social metrics to measure the positive social impact we are creating. We share these metrics publicly on our company impact page.

Core metrics

Beam’s core social impact metrics focus on supporting people into jobs and homes. We capture the the following milestones in someone's journey with Beam:

  • Work start: The person has started paid work as a result of working with Beam.

  • Work sustained: The person has remained in work beyond 3 months. We also check in at 6 months too.

  • Housing start: The person has signed a new tenancy with Beam

  • Housing sustained: The person has sustained their tenancy for 3, 6 and 12 months

  • Homelessness prevention: The person was prevented from homelessness as a result of finding a job with Beam

Other metrics

We also measure quality of work (e.g. job satisfaction) and how satisfied the people we support are with Beam (e.g. ratings and feedback).

Wider impact

We also measure the economic impact of Beam's support for government and the taxpayer. Each time we support someone into a new job or home, we generate cashable savings to several government departments including the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP), HMRC and local authorities. The latest figures can be found on our company impact page.

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