Beam uses social metrics to measure the positive social impact we are creating. We share these metrics publicly on our Transparency Dashboard.

Core metrics

Beam’s core social impact metrics focus on supporting people through training and into work:

  • Training completion: A person has completed all of the training courses that were funded by Beam.

  • Work start: The person has started paid work related to their Beam training. This may be during training or after training.

  • Work sustained: The person is in paid work related to their Beam training three months after they’ve started work and completed training. (We also check at six months to make sure they are stable.)

Other metrics

We also measure secondary outcomes (e.g. housing changes), quality of work (e.g. job satisfaction) and how satisfied the people we support are with Beam (e.g. ratings and feedback).

Wider impact

We are working on quantifying the economic impact and value to society of Beam’s social outcomes.

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