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Can I get in touch with other people that use Beam?
Can I get in touch with other people that use Beam?
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We know that the best support can come from those who have already been through it! 

There are a few different ways you can help us build a fantastic community.

  • It is now easy to see new campaigns and supporter updates on your Beam Hub. This is a great place to send a message of good luck or congratulations to a fellow Beam user, or pass on some words of wisdom!

  • Sometimes we ask people who have finished their training to meet with someone that is just getting started on the same career path. Over a cup of coffee in the office, you can pass on your experience of your training centre, course and Beam journey. 

  • People also meet through group events including media training, interviews with journalists, or Beam celebrations! We’d love to expand our events in the future so that you can grow your network and share experiences. Let us know if you’re interested and what you’d like to see. 

What other people say:

“It was actually really nice to talk to the other people who have actually gone through the same thing - hearing what other people had found hard or had similar emotions about it. I was feeling relieved when I heard that someone else also felt nervous about his exams and got through it!” 

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