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How can I share updates with my supporters?
How can I share updates with my supporters?

Letting your supporters know how you're progressing

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When you hit a certain milestone e.g. you’ve completed training, or secured work, we will ask you to post an update for your supporters via your Beam Hub (My Supporter Update form).

These updates will be posted on your personal campaign page, and also visible under the ‘Campaign News’ tab. Visitors to your page will be able to read and respond to them by ‘liking’ or leaving comments. 

Having updates on your page encourages people to donate to your campaign, and supporters love hearing about your successes! 

And it’s not only your supporters - lots of people can be inspired when they see you are achieving your goals. By continuing to share your story, you show other people that use Beam the possibilities that are out there. And your own network of support can continue to grow. 

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