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How do I get my workplace or business involved?
How do I get my workplace or business involved?

Tips on how you can raise as a business

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If you want to get your office involved in your fundraiser, it’s really simple. 

Fundraise as an office

  • Set up your fundraising page as described here, but instead of setting it up under your name, you can set it up under the name of your company. For example, Proper’s one here

  • There’s no limit to how long you can keep the fundraiser open, so why not organise events throughout the year, e.g. bake sales, abseiling or fancy dress competitions?

  • You can track your progress in real time and 100% of what you raise goes directly towards getting homeless people trained up and into work. A key advantage of Beam is that the people who donate can see exactly where the money goes and who they’ve helped.

  • You can also add donations that you've received offline - simply go onto the fundraiser, and apply it in a lump sum, allowing you to see how much you’ve raised in one place

Match your money

  • Some companies have a matchgiving programme -- that means that when you give an amount as an individual, the company then donates the same (with very little work on your part!). Simply donate any matchfunded money back through your fundraiser!

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