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Why might someone withdraw from Beam and what happens next?
Why might someone withdraw from Beam and what happens next?
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Often the people Beam works with experience difficult lives. These do not disappear when they come to Beam. Instead, we believe by offering new opportunities and the right support, people can take that all-important step into a stable job or home. But sometimes a person’s situation changes and it’s in their best interests to end their journey with Beam.

Reasons why someone might withdraw from Beam include:

  • If they've had historic addiction issues and relapsed

  • They've disengaged with Beam's employment or housing support*

  • Their support needs have changed and they're no long work-ready

  • Their mental or physical health prevents them from starting work

Where appropriate, we always agree a plan around the person coming back to Beam. For example, if someone has relapsed we let them know they can come back once they’ve received treatment and achieve 12 weeks of abstinence.

*To boost engagement among Beam's service users, we work hard to motivate them with stories of others who have been in their shoes, and kind messages from their supporters that spur them on.

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