1. Long-term solution

Beam is providing homeless people with a route out of homelessness for the long-term by giving them the training to sustainably support themselves.  

2. Partnered with experts

Beam works with leading homelessness charities like St Mungo's and Shelter who provide ongoing support to the homeless people on our platform. Our team also comprises experienced entrepreneurs and experts in the field of homelessness.

3. Efficient

90% of your donation is a direct investment in the future of a homeless person. Just 10% is a contribution to running costs. Benefactors and foundations fund over 90% of Beam's running costs to make that possible. 

4. Transparent

You deserve to know where your money goes. So we show you that to the nearest pound on each campaign's "Budget" section. You can also make a donation that is divided equally between every live campaign.

5. Give responsibly

Beam looks after all your funds and spends them on the defined items on each campaign budget. Beam never hands out cash to the people we support. 

6. Sustainable

Beam has sustainability built into it. When a p progresses into employment, they typically contribute to new campaigns to the sum of their own campaign.

7. Hands-on support

Each person Beam supports is allocated a case worker - "Support Specialist" - who supports them right through their funding campaign and training and into work. Our Support Specialists also take two references from each person we work with and verify key aspects of their story.

8. Personalised, empowering model

At Beam, we believe people are more likely to succeed when they are empowered to play to their strengths and pursue their ambitions. That's why every Beam campaign is as unique as the homeless person behind it.

9. Beam works!

So far, Beam has helped 17 people experiencing homelessness to start new careers. That's more than 90% of people who have been through the programme. We believe it's the very best model to help homeless people to get back on their feet. 

10. See your impact

Beam keeps you in the loop on the progress of the people you support via email updates. You even get your own "Personal Impact Page", so you can see how many homeless people you have helped get into work. Here's our CEO's

So there you have it! 10 reasons to support a homeless person through Beam.

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