Beam takes its responsibilities to the supporters who fund our campaigns seriously. That means ensuring that funds are spent on the right things at the right time, in order to have the greatest possible impact on the lives of the people we support. It also means creating real transparency on how funds are spent.

We go about creating impact for our supporters in a various ways, including:

1. Personalised campaigns

Beam solves a major problem: how you can make the smartest possible investment in a homeless person's future. Since no people are alike, we do that by building a completely personalised employment plan and campaign budget for each person.

2. Negotiate discounts

Beam tries to negotiate discounts with training providers to provide supporters with the best value for money. We balance this with our overriding concern of providing each  with the most suitable training available. 

3. Pay by instalments

Beam risks as little supporter money as possible, always aiming to pay for training via a series of instalments and minimising up-front payments.   

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