Often the people Beam works with experience difficult lives. These do not disappear when they come to Beam. Instead, we believe by offering new opportunities and the right support, homeless people can take that all-important step into skilled work. But sometimes a person’s situation changes and it’s in their best interests to end their journey with Beam. 

In these situations, we are guided by 3 core principles:

  1. Act in the best interests of the people we work with

  2. Respect their wishes and concerns

  3. Preserve supporter donations

In practice, this will mean doing the following:

  • Take down the campaign from the website and email direct supporters updating them about this new development. This is done with sensitivity to the person's reasons for leaving Beam. 

  • Equally redistribute remaining funds to other live campaigns on the Beam website. Those who directly donated to someone’s campaign may have done so out of a desire to support that specific person and will be offered a refund whenever possible or the opportunity to reallocate their donation to another campaign. 

  • Ensure the person is appropriately supported by the relevant specialist services; often this will be the charity that initially referred them to Beam. We also 

agree a plan around the person coming back to Beam. For example, if someone has relapsed we let them know they can come back once they’ve received treatment and achieve 12 weeks of abstinence. 

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