Donating money to help homeless people on Beam is extremely efficient. Each time you donate (whether that's through a one-off donation or by giving monthly), 90% goes directly to fund training and other essential costs to help homeless people to train and get into skilled work.

You can see each of these costs transparently listed on the "Budget" section of each campaign page. Where possible, we also hyperlink to the precise item that your donations will be funding.

The remaining 10% is a small contribution to Beam's running costs. That 10% is your only contribution to the award-winning support we offer homeless people, payment processing and other operating costs. This leaves a large shortfall which is made up by foundations and private benefactors.  

This 90/10% split is made clear at the point of donation. To our knowledge, Beam is the most efficient model anywhere in the world through which to make charitable donations to help homeless people. 

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