There are 4 stages to joining Beam.

1. Referral: The person is first referred to Beam by a partner, typically a registered homelessness charity or London borough. 

They can contact one of the many charities we partner with including St Mungo's, Thames Reach, The House of St Barnabas, Kairos and YMCA.

If the individual is working with a charity not listed above, they should ask their keyworker to email us on [email protected]

If the individual does not have a keyworker, they can email us on [email protected]  

2. Interview: People are interviewed at least twice by a Beam 'Support Specialist', a full-time employee of Beam. 

The first interview focuses on the individual and their own career history and aspirations. In this interview, we take time to tell people about Beam and answer their questions. The meeting is completely without commitment to join Beam. 

At the second interview, the Support Specialist writes up a personalised "Journey" which is visible on each person's Beam profile page. They also produce the first version of the content on this page.

3. References: Beam takes 2 references from trusted sources. One of these is the referrer, usually a homelessness charity. The other reference could be from a responsible individual such as the person's GP, the manager of a homeless hostel, a social worker or Jobcentre Plus work coach.

4. Verification: Trustworthiness and honesty are essential to Beam. Before publishing a person's story on our website, Beam ensures that key factual details are correct. In practice, this involves contacting the relevant sources and recording the evidence in the person's file.

If you are homeless in London or assisting someone who is homeless in London, work for a charity or London borough and would like to know more, please email [email protected]

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