Homeless men and women can use Beam to launch a crowdfunding campaign on our platform, raising money to enable their progression through training and into stable employment. 

Each person is initially referred to Beam by a charity or local authority. Every referral and their unique history and circumstances is considered in the round by Beam and the charity that refers them. However, individuals must be:

  • homeless, at risk of homelessness or recently homeless
  • committed to training and work
  • able to train and work, with regard to their usage of alcohol and drugs and mental and physical health
  • over 18
  • legally permitted to work in the UK

"Homeless" can mean a variety of things: from rough sleepers to "sofa surfers" to those being housed by their local authority in homeless shelters or bed and breakfasts. Most of the people we support are resident in emergency temporary accommodation such as a hostel. 

"Committed to training and work" means they have been assessed and are considered to have the necessary organisational skills and drive to make the most of the training opportunities funded on Beam. The people we support also meet our criteria with regard to drugs, alcohol and mental and physical health.  

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