1. Registered partners refer individuals to us

Homeless people who are ready to train and work are referred to Beam by registered charities, such as Shelter, St Mungo's, Thames Reach and The House of St Barnabas, as well as a number of local authorities. These referrals are made according to some basic eligibility criteria.

2. We build a bespoke employment plan 

Once referred, the individual meets an employee of Beam, also known as a Support Specialist. If the referring charity, Beam and most importantly the individual themselves wish to proceed, Beam prepares a fundraising campaign for their training. This includes the cost of the course, plus any other costs that present barriers to their training and work aspirations, such as childcare, travel, work tools and textbooks. 

3. We launch their online crowdfunding campaign 

Once the crowdfunding campaign goes live on Beam’s website, members of the public start donating to their campaign! Campaigns take around a month to fund but you can see exactly how long on our transparency page. After the funds have been raised, the training and any other related costs are purchased directly by Beam. Cash is never passed to the people we raise money for. 

4. Beam provides ongoing support through training and into work

Beam's support continues once someone starts their training. Our Support Specialists stay in regular contact with them and make sure supporters are kept up-to-date on their progress and key milestones. 

5. Beam graduates support the next generation of beneficiaries 

We continue to support individuals for up to six months after they start their new job. At this stage, there’s an option for them to support new homeless people coming onto the platform. Usually, they opt to pay back the amount of their fundraising campaign in the form of an ongoing monthly donation, just like you can as a supporter

This is the Beam model: a journey that supports a homeless person all the way through training and into work - and the chance to inspire others to follow in their footsteps.

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