How is Beam funded?

An overview of Beam's current funding situation

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Beam is completely free for our beneficiaries to use. We have never and will never charge people to join Beam. 100% of crowdfunded donations fund the items needed to support someone into a job or home.

In order to deliver Beam’s 100% giving model, Beam gets paid by government to support people into jobs and homes at levels well below the cost to the taxpayer by remaining welfare dependent. We are commissioned by more than 40 local councils in the UK as well as the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP).

We also receive grants and additional funding from foundations and private funders to cover our running costs. Organisations we’ve received financial backing from include:

  • Greater London Authority

  • Nesta

  • UnLtd

  • UFI

  • Social Tech Trust

  • Three Oaks Trust

In addition to these grants, supporters can choose to leave "tips" when they donate through the platform to help meet a small portion of our running costs. Supporters must opt in to leave a tip - it is not automatically added.

Together, this funding goes towards Beam’s running costs e.g. employee salaries, operational and software development costs and also payment processing costs.

If you are interested in providing a grant to Beam of any size, please email our CEO, Alex, on [email protected]. Thank you.

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